Voices In The Static

by Phantomime

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Curieux... Autant il serait facile de cataloguer chaque morceau de cet EP, autant l'ensemble est résolument inclassable. Sans doute est-ce cela qui en fait le charme, et qui donne envie de relever le défi sur un album complet. Chiche ? Favorite track: Swing & A Miss.
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released August 10, 2014

Phantomime - Voices in the Static

Ricardo Cruz - Vocals
Adrian Beuses - Keyboards
Kevin Stewart - Guitars
Kyle Palmares - Bass
Andrés Beuses - Drums/Percussion

Produced by Andrés Beuses and Kevin Stewart

Recorded by Andrés Beuses
Engineered by Andrés Beuses
Mixed by Andrés Beuses
Mastered by Andrés Beuses

Album art by Adrian Beuses

Swing & A Miss
(Music by Kevin Stewart, lyrics by Ricardo Cruz)
(Additional keyboard horns arranged and played by Andrés Beuses)

Crocodile Tears
(Music by Kevin Stewart, lyrics by Ricardo Cruz)

Entropy Unit
(Music by Kevin Stewart, lyrics by Ricardo Cruz)
(Keyboard played by Kevin Cook)

(Music by Kevin Stewart and Adrian Beuses)

The Curiosity Machine
(Music and lyrics by Ricardo Cruz)
(Additional keyboard organ played by Kevin Cook)



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Phantomime Florida

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Track Name: Swing & A Miss
You’re only there
when we need you not to be
Don’t say a word to the police
So unprepared
To keep danger off the streets
Trust the police, trust the police

You have the right to remain
Silent, don’t forget that
Authority is sacred
You have the right to remain
Silent don’t forget that
And strip their power naked

With chained hands and on your knees
(in the back seat)
Don’t say a word to the police
Castrate the badge
With your zippered lips and teeth
Trust the police, trust the police

Damn it feels good to be outside again
Damn it feels good to be outside again
You have the right to remain silent don’t forget that

Don’t say a word to the police
Track Name: Crocodile Tears
This is not a predator/prey relationship
Bite at the neck and let it rip
Love is not a gift
Love is the savage, and learning to live with it

Mutual is etiquette
Touch me softly, with your fingertips
Roll with it, roll with it
We’ll see if you and I can coexist

We act so civilized in public
In jungles deep where vines are thick
Love can shrink as it grows
Love is not the one that comes and goes

You cried and I jumped right in
How did I miss that jagged, carnal grin
You’re the only one who knows
How to make my head spin
Swim, swim

Crocodile tears, swallow me whole
We’re all incompatible
Track Name: Entropy Unit
There’s kids in the street
the system has failed
They’ve found about all the lies
The mass-production education prevailed
In unifying the rise

There’s a tongue-in-cheek
following on the move
Herding through the wheat
Sheep in heat, trampling under
Hooves to the beat
Force feeding proof to belief

Call in the entropy unit when you’re blindsided
or betrayed by the movement
Intuitive minds are on the line
Waiting for you to fall

They’re in your office,
Dancing in the flames
And dumping out every drawer
The mob is reveling in dangerous games
And crashes puncture the roar

you’ve been overtaken by the ones you controlled
Break and fold,
Your paperwork construct has grown old
Will it hold any weight
Or will they fly you up the flag-pole?
Track Name: Frigate
Track Name: Curiosity Machine
There’s a mansion on Allure street
With a light on in the attic
It’s a rest stop on a ghost tour
Where there’s voices in the static
You want to see for yourself
Death is just the beginning
When you’ve entered and the door slams
You’ll remember all the warnings
That they said:

Stay away from the old hawthorne place
Stay away from the old hawthorne place
They say it’s haunted, They say it’s lucid
That the walls are closing in
Stay away

And you wander the halls
...They all say:

Through a doorway, rooms are shifting
These enchanted corridors
It’s old-fashioned, fully furnished
Corner-cobwebs, creaking floorboards
When a chandelier swings
And the clock has been wound up
Know you are not alone here
Twisted mechanics, this house is corrupt
As they say:

There’s a mansion on a lure’s treat
Where the dying of starvation
Found the fungus in the ashes
Of the fireplace, and they ate them
It cleaves the body from soul
Left to wander in warning
But the hunger burns eternal
And death is just the beginning
Like they say: